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Beware, I am Fraudster Klaus Marcus Bucklemund Sculpture Cycles, I’m the Scammer that can’t be beat.

If you want to email me for information on how to scam people for the ultimate way to obtain free income contact me on or come to my place of business at:

A-1 Manufacturing, 564 N. Idaho Road, Apache Junction, Az 85219 Tel:480 650 8781

Rob Matthew who owns this business knows my record and I am tutoring him to make money from all those mugs out there just waiting to be fleeced of their hard earned cash.

I advertise parts for sale on my website that do not exist – to scam customers of their money. Mesa Police have been alerted but they do nothing because I am a Mormon and most of the local Police are Mormons too.

The F.B.I. cant or wont touch me because they are too busy chasing mega billion fraudsters and anyway most of the local F.B.I. agents are Mormons. We look after our own.

The IRS dont bother me because they are Mormons too.

The state governor cant touch me, why? Because she doesnt want to upset the Mormon Voters. They might kick her out of office for hurting one of their own!

I’ve scammed over $170,000 from businesses from all parts of the globe and I’m still in business and spending the proceeds.

Do I care – Hell no! Sometimes I think I’m a Socialist. Al Capone would have been proud of me.

Just call me for more information on how to become a Mormon and scam people for risk free income.

Klaus Marcus Bucklemund Scammer

Don’t do business with this guy – he’s a Crook


Corporations owned/registered by Klaus Marcus Bucklemund. Their former premises at 260, South Alma School Road are no longer occupied and the website. is still online. Their creditors will be neither pleased or disappointed at this until Marcus has paid back all the money he owes.

Be vigilant – let me know if you see this guy or tries to sell you anything. On no account give him money because he is always on the lookout for more suckers.

1.Elk Horn Road LLC

Domestic Address: 1938 E WATSON DR TEMPE, AZ 85283
Agent Mailing/Physical Address: 1938 E WATSON DR TEMPE, AZ 85283

2.Sculpture Cycles LLC

Domestic Address: 1030 W 5TH PL MESA, AZ 85201
Agent Mailing/Physical Address: 1030 W 5TH PL MESA, AZ 85201

3.Xtreme Rodz LLC

Domestic Address: 411 E CLOUD RD PHOENIX, AZ 85086
Agent Mailing/Physical Address: 1030 W 5TH PL, MESA, AZ 85201

Total stolen goods/services/money US$173,400

This website is dedicated to assisting the dissemination of information about monies owed by Klaus Marcus Bucklemund, owner of Sculpture Cycles and AZ Proto to Alistair Harley and the ongoing refusal to pay even though a Court Judgement in The Superior Court of the State of Arizona against Klaus Marcus Bucklemund has instructed Marcus Bucklemund to pay me. He is a committed Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and has sold motorcycles for an amount in excess of $65,000 just before withdrawing this money from his bank and submitting a petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Klaus Marcus Bucklemund is involved in property transactions with Nate Tanner, a fellow Mormon and has a Mormon Attorney. He also supplied innacurate and incomplete information to the Internal Revenue Service in his tax assessment for reasons I could only speculate. All these details will be explained in more detail in following pages. This person has money to pay me and other creditors but chooses not to because he is a fraudster. He also has a number of other creditors with total debts of approximately $100,000 who might also like to know when they will be repaid.
Klaus Marcus Bucklemund makes a IRS assessments claiming no business profit, Pays his rent, pays his bills, pays his insurance, buys his food and daily living costs, Pays no tax and owes $98K – Guess who pays to subsidise his life.
Note. Klaus Marcus Bucklemund owns three guns.

Convicted Fraudster Mormon Klaus Marcus Bucklemund Defrauds US$173400 from 24 People & Businesses

Klaus Marcus Bucklemund
  2. Bank of America, USA US$4,944.31
  3. Bossier HD, USA US$3,464.00
  4. CAPITAL ONE, USA US$110.26
  5. Citifinancial Retail Services, USA US$1,525.00
  7. DAVIS MILES, PLLC, USA US$5,775.36
  8. DEAN BINDENAGEL, USA US$20,000.00
  9. Discover Financial Services, USA US$5,997.00
  10. FEDEX, USA US$505.00
  11. Goldammer Cycle Works, Canada US$2,518.13
  12. Hot Dreams Marbella, Spain US$2,000.00
  13. Pam Spring, USA US£148
  14. PETER BUCKLEMUND, Germany US$4,500.00
  15. Peter John Porrata, USA US$2,152.00
  16. QWEST, USA US$154.55
  17. Robert Higa, USA US$3,000.00
  18. SILKE BIRCH, Germany US$1,100.00
  19. Steve Autler, USA US$1,400.00
  20. Tony Griffin, USA US$3,612.00
  21. Toolcraft, USA US$900.00
  22. WARREN ROBERTSON, USA US$10,000.00
  23. Alistair Harley, UK US$25000

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